• 100% plant-based protein shakes.



  • What We Do

    We're on a mission to bring you the healthiest and tastiest ready-to-drink plant-based protein shake. Ever.

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    For Heaven Shakes!

    Green is the new black.

    Following a 6 week vegan challenge while training in mixed martial arts, Mark realised just how difficult it was to find a dairy-free, high-protein drink while on the move. Especially when you're living an active lifestyle.


    Feeling frustrated with the lack of healthy options available, he decided to launch Heaven Shakes: a tasty ready-to-drink, dairy free, soya free, gluten free, non GMO, plant-based protein super shake. All made with natural wholesome ingredients. Free from all the nasty stuff. Obvs.


    It took him 7 days and £100 to bottle up 40 plant-based protein smoothies in his kitchen. He then dragged them all in an ice box across London's underground (during rush hour) and managed to smuggle them into a micro-festival in the middle of some English Woodland.


    Within 24hrs, Mark sold out of his plant-based protein smoothies, had Alastair Humphreys on stage praising his little bottles and made a whopping £9 profit.


    He was officially in business.

  • Who We Are

    Well hello there, stranger.

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    Mark Leruste

    Chief Shaker

    Mark’s favorite thing to do in the whole world is to come up with a silly idea and just make it happen. Before self-doubt or reason shows up.

    As an award winning men's health activist and host of The Unconventionalists podcast, Mark has spent the last four years understanding what it means to live a healthier, happier and longer life.

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